Kingdom Diplomats Centre is a Church located in Phalaborwa at the township of Lulekani (South Africa) under the Umbrella of Full Gospel Church of God.

The Church of God International was founded in 1886 upon the principles of Christ as they are revealed in the Bible, the Word of God. The Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa, its doctrine and memorandum of agreement relevant to the amalgamation of 1951 with the Church of God in the United States of America is hereby confirmed.

The Full Gospel church of God has its foundation of faith and practice in Scriptures and the vital experience of its constituents is scripturally oriented.

Here are the following Church Schedules:

Sunday Services

Start Time: 9:00 - 12:30


Start Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Prophetic Gathering

Prophetic Gathering

What we do!

Kingdom Diplomats focuses on delivering and winning souls for advancing the Kingdom of God:

Worshiping the Lord!

Believers gathering together honoring and worshiping the lord at the Church.


Kingdom Diplomats believes in worshiping the lord as he is the Alfa and Omega of our lifes.

Worship Team

A dedicated team of worshipers leading the church into his presence.